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Shenzhen Qiao An Xinhui Technology Co., LTD
is founded in 2015, is an integrated high-tech enterprise which includes independent R&D, production, sales and service. We are committed to the application and promotion of fine logo in the intelligent manufacturing market. Qiaoan Xinhui is a designer and manufacturer of innovative industrial printers and label printer-applicators for product identification and bar-coding. Apart from our head offices in Shenzhen, China, we have a R&D department and manufacturing center in Xiamen, Fujian province, China. Since its establishment, our company has been running the sincere service, win-win development of the customer concept, to provide customers with better service. As a high-tech company, Qiaoan Xinhui values the IP very much. We have obtained more than 30 patent certificates and completed a number of domestic and international certifications, such as CE, ROHS, FDA, KC, and IEC. We quite able to continuously and stably supply the high quality & safe products anywhere.
Shenzhen Qiao An Xinhui Technology Co., LTD
In the developing area
Our Advantage
In the developing area
Qiaoan Xinhui has kinds of print basic component that can be inserted to customer product, which can help customer to develop their own printer with least time and cost.
In system solution area
Qiaoan Xinhui offers a full range service from exploring customer needs to implementation
In the variable data print industry
Qiaoan Xinhui can offer printers which supporting print height from 3.0mm to 100mm, from single color to multiple, from low to high speed, is the ideal solution in tracing, supervision, sheet and printing industries
In the package print industry
Qiaoan Xinhui has a series of printers can meet different print requirements, are widely used in carton package industry, food& beverage, pipe & tube, tracking barcode, label industry, daily chemical industry and card make industry
Can the ink solvent still be used after it has expired?
If the ink solvent exceeds its shelf life, adverse chemical changes will occur, such as: 1. The conductivity is reduced, the ink droplets cannot fully absorb electricity, and the printing is intermittent; 2. Cause the formation of insoluble impurities, block the ink path and nozzle of the inkjet printer; 3. The viscosity of the ink changes, aggravates the blockage, and the printer fails and stops. These changes can cause reliability issues with the printer and also lead to a deterioration in print quality. Due to the unpredictable nature of these changes and their potential harmfulness, they can affect the performance of the printer and accelerate the aging of the printer. Therefore, do not use inks and solvents that have exceeded their shelf life.
What are the needs of the cable industry for inkjet printers?
The performance of coding solutions in the wire and cable industry needs to match the actual production process. Printer downtime interrupts the extrusion process, resulting in costly downtime, rework, and scrap. In addition, poor coding contrast or quality and ink transfer can also reduce product quality. General cables require high adhesion professional ink, clear reading, durable coding, diverse and flexible coding content, high speed, stability, and accurate meter counting Meet the high ink adhesion requirements of PE and PVC and low-smoke halogen-free cable materials, with good high temperature resistance, water resistance and scratch resistance, and good light resistance, regardless of cold and heat, lightning and rain, the cable mark is still firmly attached to the surface material. Flexible printing formats for high-quality and versatile coding effects; Support multi-language, provide date, text, barcode and two-dimensional code and other printing content, and the data can be modified and saved at any time, without stopping the production line; Provide a variety of dynamic anti-counterfeiting code solutions for cable coding. Technical specifications: main technical parameters and characteristics (1) The nozzle uses patented technology, and the recovery hole automatically moves the sealing nozzle when the machine is turned off, so that the ink is retained in the pipeline to form an internal circulation, and the air and dust in the pipeline are not easy to block the nozzle, making it easier for the operator. (2) When printing, the inkjet printer needs to be cleaned, the inkjet printer has the function of compensation for the number of stop meters, such as: printing to 100 meters needs to be stopped, during the shutdown after 50 meters, when the printer resumes operation, it will start printing from 150 meters.
What is an invisible inkjet printer?
Invisible ink inkjet printer does not refer to the ink is really invisible, but will not be displayed under normal light, only through the ultraviolet lamp after the character formed by the ink can be seen, with better anti-counterfeiting. Invisible inks, also known as "fluorescent inks", are generally available in small character inkjet printers or high-resolution inkjet printers.